Monday, January 3, 2011


AMERICATOWN Screenings: FRI 1/7 (7pm), SAT 1/8 (10pm), SUN 1/9 (7pm), MON 1/10 (10pm), TUE 1/11 (10pm), WED 1/12 (7pm), THU 1/13 (7pm, 10pm)

Come hang out with us at the ReRun Theatre in Brooklyn and check out Americatown on the big screen playing for the first weekend as a double feature with our first film Lightning Salad Moving Picture!!!

NYC Theatrical Premiere, One Week Only!

AMERICATOWN is an inventive, energetic, unapologetically absurd new comedy from filmmaker Kenneth Price and the UCB-trained comic troupe known as the Superkiiids! (Jonathan Guggenheim and Cory Howard). The Best Feature Winner at the 2010 Atlanta Underground Film Festival makes its New York theatrical premiere with a week-long run, January 7 - 13.

Godspeed, and welcome to Americatown, home to Head Mountain, Letter Sign on the Hill, and Giant Gap in Earth. Celebrated for locally made aboveground cars, an almost infinite variety of breakfast cereals and unbridled, bald-faced greatness, this little burg of exactly 1,000 citizens is the only place worthy of you. That is, until a single spilled cup of coffee sets off a cataclysmic chain of events destined to test the town's gumption. Can the Americatonians pull together and weather the madness, or are they fated to crumble like so many tiny empires before it?

For their second feature, the Superkiiids! took just two thousand bone-doggies, four folks and a minivan to explore and exploit the fruited plains, purple mountains, mythology and culture (pop and otherwise) of the United States of America, vision-questing into existence its microcosmic, hyper-realistic stepbrother heretofore known as Americatown! Land of the free-radicools, home of the bad-to-the-bone... Get on the bus.

Also screening during the run is Kenneth Price's hilariously caffeinated 2008 debut, LIGHTNING SALAD MOVING PICTURE, a Superkiiids! origin story (of sorts) in which the boys are woken up each morning by groundbreaking filmmaker Robert Zemeckis to be briefed of their daily assignment. Today's mission? Write, direct, produce, cater and possibly star in Part IV of the epic $400 Billionmillion worldwide U.S. grossing, global-networking, time-shredding franchise of the BACK TO THE FUTURE films. Will they defy steam engines, budding romances, classically trained villains and Meankiiid's 'tude in order to create their life's work for the day?

78 minutes. In English. Presented in Blu-ray. Unrated.