Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From Americatown!

This Christmas/whatever-holiday-or-occasion-you-want-to-make-it-about we're giving away the soundtrack to Americatown, available for download at This hearty 23 track album is one of our favorite parts of the film and features a mind-blowing original score by savant/wunderkind Seth Moody (still eligible for Oscar Nomination **fingers crossed), songs recorded exclusively for the movie by some of our best friends (Ponchos From Peru, Fortress Of Swatches, Bibis Ellison, Fran Dyer), music from a couple of the most fireball-esque acts in North Carolina (Yardwork, Ryan Gustafson) and a few other tracks by bands that we somehow have a vague, make believe and pseudo-permission to use in the film (Why?, Animal Collective, Dr. Dog ).

Download the pa-ju-ju out of this album, pass it on, find the bands that contributed to it, download the pa-ju-ju out of them and give them all of your money, they are the number ones, and so, SO phenomenomenomenomenal.

Thank y'ins for your support, its been a great year, we couldn't ask for better friends. Keep your eyes peeled, we're just getting started.

Elephant Shoe,
Godspeed yourself (Godspeed your Elf)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Praise for Americatown!!!!

Praise for Americatown:

“Best Feature” --Atlanta Underground FilmFestival

“the exuberance, energy and invention more than justify [its] existence.” --Independent Weekly

“…a sometimes sublime, sometimes slapstick, sometimes puzzling but never dull 77 minutes.” -- Independent Weekly

“[Jonathan Guggenheim and Cory Howard] show the spirit—if not necessarily the execution—of Buster Keaton in his great, more-praised-than-seen works such as Our Hospitality and Sherlock Jr.” --Independent Weekly

“An utterly different take on the American fantasy” --TimeOut Chicago

“It’s fun and contemporary, relevant and humorous, using parody and hyperbole to shed light on the ridiculousness of many “American” values….”--Chicago Art Magazine

“The best of the U.S. squeezed into the ultimate small town community.” --Filmmaker Magazine

"I think I’ve found my favorite new American surrealist comedians in the team of writer/director Kenneth Price and writer/performers Cory Howard and Jonathan Guggenheim. " - Michael Tully - Hammer to Nail

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Americatown wins Best Independent Film!!!

Last year Lightning Salad Moving Picture took the honors this year Americatown wins Encore Magazine's best Independent Film!!!

Peep the Craziness here: BEST OF 2010!!!!!!


Peep the Wilmington Starnews's Coverage of this week's trio of Americatown Screenings!!!!

Americatown Comes to Wilmington!


8pm $5 Jengo's Playhouse 815 Princess street

sittin sideways............................

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3 Screenings In Wilmington Soon!

On March 4-6 we will be screening the quote "interactive" end quote version of "'Mericatown", it will be BERZERKER! Jengo's Playhouse 8 pm. Come, at LEAST twice...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well what is this? Could it be? Words...about Americatown?...Well you'll just have to read it for yourself silly.

HERE. Thanks to Michael Tully for the attention! You've been given the honorary position of 'Register of Deeds' of Americatown...don't abuse your power.