Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From Americatown!

This Christmas/whatever-holiday-or-occasion-you-want-to-make-it-about we're giving away the soundtrack to Americatown, available for download at This hearty 23 track album is one of our favorite parts of the film and features a mind-blowing original score by savant/wunderkind Seth Moody (still eligible for Oscar Nomination **fingers crossed), songs recorded exclusively for the movie by some of our best friends (Ponchos From Peru, Fortress Of Swatches, Bibis Ellison, Fran Dyer), music from a couple of the most fireball-esque acts in North Carolina (Yardwork, Ryan Gustafson) and a few other tracks by bands that we somehow have a vague, make believe and pseudo-permission to use in the film (Why?, Animal Collective, Dr. Dog ).

Download the pa-ju-ju out of this album, pass it on, find the bands that contributed to it, download the pa-ju-ju out of them and give them all of your money, they are the number ones, and so, SO phenomenomenomenomenal.

Thank y'ins for your support, its been a great year, we couldn't ask for better friends. Keep your eyes peeled, we're just getting started.

Elephant Shoe,
Godspeed yourself (Godspeed your Elf)

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